Consider This if You’re On the Fence About Your Las Vegas OBGYN

Jul 12, 2022

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Consider This if You’re On the Fence About Your Las Vegas OBGYN

Do you have a doctor’s appointment coming up? What kinds of emotions conjure up when scheduling the appointment? Anxiety? Annoyance? Dread? For many, just the thought of setting up healthcare commitments can be overwhelmingly negative.

Not to mention the eventuality of going through with the actual appointment. There’s a lot that can and will go wrong if you tolerate bad behavior from your healthcare provider. If your healthcare experience has been a thorn in your side, then you might be considering leaving your doctor. And you may be wondering–what are my options?

We know what it’s like to begrudgingly drag yourself to the doctor only to have the same terrible experience over and over again–and we also know the temptation to skip checkups to avoid the discomfort altogether. But is it enough to warrant the drastic step of switching doctors? Well, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and expecting different results. Why not give something new a try?

Whether it’s your primary care physician–or your gynecologist–that you’re looking to replace; our team of Las Vegas doctors are here to step in and provide the care you deserve. We want you to know that you do not have to accept sub-par healthcare services any longer. We created this reference to help you make the decision.

It’s Time to Switch Doctors if These Things Happen During Your Visit

If you’re unhappy with your healthcare experience, it’s likely that one, or a combination, of the below experiences has happened to you. Let’s cover some common reasons that patients decide to call it quits and find a new doctor.

Bad Vibes Between You and Your Provider

In relationships–whether personal or professional–communication is the keystone that holds everything together. In a doctor-patient relationship, both parties need to feel safe and comfortable to communicate openly. That way, the doctor can make a proper assessment and diagnosis because the patient shared all pertinent facts, symptoms, and concerns.

If you feel your doctor is doing any of the following during your visit, it’s a red flag:

  • Not taking your concerns seriously
  • Not listening to your symptoms
  • Not considering your comments or wishes
  • Rude or judgemental bedside manner
  • Pushy with treatment options

A minor occurrence here and there may be excusable, but if you have an overall bad experience every time you see your physician that leaves you feeling deflated and drained, then it’s likely time for a change.

Is Your Doctor Incompetent or Unconcerned? Wrong Diagnosis or None at All

You’ve done your part and shared all the juicy details of your symptoms with your Las Vegas OBGYN, but you are still sick! If you’ve been prescribed medication that worsens or does nothing for your symptoms and your doctor isn’t willing to correct it or make suggestions for something better, that’s a problem. Make sure you’re working with a physician who is your advocate, who listens to your concerns, and who is competent enough to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Something that might be even worse than the wrong treatment is when your doctor tells you nothing can be done. If you feel like your doctor ignores your concerns, gives ambiguous answers to your questions, or is uninformed about the latest medical advancements and treatment options, then it might be time for a second opinion.

When Your Doctor is Not Considerate of Your Time

Seeing your doctor should not require you to use vacation time; but unfortunately, the traditional in-person experience at a doctor’s office still requires it. How much time do you spend on your appointment?

  • 15 minutes, or more if you wait on hold, to schedule the appointment
  • 30 minutes on average commute to the appointment
  • 15 minutes to 1 hour, or more, waiting in the lobby after checking in for your appointment
  • 15 to 30 minutes waiting to be seen in the exam room
  • 15-minute doctor exam
  • 15-minute check-out process
  • 30-minute commute back to work or home

Depending on your personal factors, the whole process of a simple doctor appointment will take a minimum of two hours, and in worst-case scenarios, up to four hours out of your day.

It’s often a frustrating experience with little or no apology for keeping you waiting. If your doctor often runs behind and has no consideration for your time, it can be a damaging combination. Pile on top of that a doctor whose assistant calls to cancel and reschedule your appointment (that has been booked a month in advance) for no reason, and you are officially feeling violated.

Customer service should not go out the window when it comes to healthcare. Don’t allow your doctor or the facility to walk all over you and take advantage of your time. A recent study showed that 8 in 10 patients factor in customer service when they choose healthcare providers. If your provider won’t administer consistently good customer service, find another who will.

Your Doctor Refuses to Provide Transparent Pricing

And the last straw to cutting ties with your healthcare provider is when it affects your pocketbook. Healthcare costs can be vague, confusing, and mysterious, especially when health insurance factors in. If you’ve ever asked for the cost of your appointment beforehand, you’ve likely received a confused look and some jargon about not knowing which medical billing code will be used.

That explanation is becoming less and less accepted by patients as pricing transparency is in demand. If you need to know how much your healthcare will cost up-front, there are doctors who will provide it willingly. Your doctor should also be considerate of your financial situation when prescribing treatments and offer less expensive alternatives when appropriate.

What Are Your Options if You Dump Your Doctor?

If the above scenarios are recurring every time you see your doctor, you may be ready to move on. You’ve got three basic options to choose from:

  1. Switch to a different doctor at the same facility
  2. Find a new doctor at a different facility
  3. Find a doctor online

Option #1, switching doctors within the same facility, is viable if you believe it is strictly a personal shortcoming of your doctor, but won’t do much for facility-wide dysfunction.

Option #2, switching facilities and doctors, is a good choice if you prefer in-person visits but have reason to believe there are facility-wide functioning problems with the original clinic.

Option #3, finding a doctor online, will usually solve all of the concerns and inherent problems of traditional brick-and-mortar facilities. Here’s why:

  • You can switch online providers very easily, searching until you find one that matches your needs
  • You can complete an online appointment in under 15 minutes from start to finish, with no commute
  • You will know how much your appointment costs before you see your doctor

Switch to My Virtual Physician and Experience Healthcare in a New Way

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