Efficient and thorough.

Kimberly C. | Apr 29, 2023


Alexis B. | Mar 28, 2023

I wasn’t feeling well and tried to book an appointment with my Primary Doc. He wasn’t available for 5 days. I thought by that time, I’d feel better. I looked online for a virtual doctor that accepted my insurance and was surprised to find one! I tried my luck and booked an appointment around 8am on a Saturday. At 11:15am I got a call from the Dr Howard asking if I was able to visit now. He realized I was driving, so I asked him if it were possible to get a call back in literally 2 minutes. From start to finish I was completed with my appointment in 10 minutes with no hours of waiting in a waiting room… I told him what was going on and he asked additional clarification questions. I am very happy with this service, so much so that I’ll most likely continue to use this for myself unless I need a specialist. Very happy.

Tracey M. | Mar 12, 2023

Outstanding. This is my first time visiting a virtual doc appointment. Very profressional, and caring. Amazing technology to visit a doc via computer. I highly recommend this medical facility

John K. | Feb 07, 2023